Saturday, October 2, 2010

September Recap: TIFF and other film ventures.

I’m sorry I never got to recapping all the films I saw at TIFF so I’m gonna get to that. Basically this’ll just be a ranking via preference of my favourite films I saw in September plus one that I saw just yesterday.

The Bad

14) Everything Must Go – D+

This has just gotten worse in my mind since I saw it last time, but you can read my paragraph if you want to know my thoughts on the films.

13) Brighton Rock – D+

Just plain too much of everything, too much score, too much acting, too much directing, too poorly done.

The Mediocre

12) Miral – C

My thoughts from earlier have yet to change feel free to read them.

11) The Town – B-

A huge let down yet a good movie. I just expected a lot more considering how much I liked Gone Baby Gone and how enjoyable Boston crime dramas are for me.

10) The Kids are All Right – B-

Just read my previous thoughts they’re pretty much unchanged.

The Good

9) The Conspirator - B

No changed thoughts.

8) Never Let Me Go - B

One of the best acted film’s this year, and a visually dazzling one at that. But at the same time I felt the story was never fully developed, that they just felt like jumping around leaving out so much and just giving us three great characters with very little else.

7) Rabbit Hole – B

My thoughts are the same as they were though I feel my ranking was a bit too high. I’d just like to point out that though I thought Nicole Kidman was great in this I still think the best performance was from Aaron Eckhart.

The Great

6) The Kings Speech – A-

My thoughts aren’t much different though I think I’ve gained a bit more appreciation for the film since I feel I was a bit to harsh on it when I first saw it.

5) Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Elliot Spitzer – A-

A great fun film. Best Documentary I’ve seen so far this year (though that’s only two), and one of the better films I’ve seen in general. A lot more intense a story then you’d expect.

4) Little White Lies – A-

Nothing changes; still think this is one incredible, enjoyable mess of a film.

The Amazing

3) The Social Network – A

No masterpiece but pretty fucking amazing. The whole cast is incredible. Fincher does a great job in translating Sorkins outstanding dialogue filled script to the screen. The truth is though everyone says the brilliance of the film is in Sorkins screenplay, while I read half of it before the film was released I never thought it could be as great as it was with Fincher at the helm and the great cast it got.

2) 127 Hours - A

So incredibly crafted, a story made so differently then you’d ever expect. Brutal and gruesome at times yet beautiful. James Franco is pure brilliance in the role; this is his best performance and probably the best performance of this year. Boyle does something truly amazing with a story of a man in one spot for the whole film. It’s a brilliant film about community that is truly heartbreaking just an amazing film all around.

1) Black Swan – A+

One of the things that bothered me about the Wrestler is that it seemed like at times it cared more about the profession then the story it was telling and while many people loved it I just thought it was okay. The other one was the very grainy cinematography. The thing is about Black Swan is that it has both these things, especially at the beginning, yet as it moves on it becomes something completely different, something so unique, so amazing, so intense that I could not take my eyes off the screen. I was in love with the film from the moment Mila Kunis comes in and turns this whole film into one of the best mind bending dramas I’ve ever seen.

September Awards:

Best Actor: James Franco (alt. Colin Frith and Aaron Eckhart)

Best Actress: Natalie Portman (alt. Carey Mulligan and Annette Bening)

Best Supporting Actor: Geoffrey Rush (alt. Andrew Garfield (NVLMG) and Andrew Garfield (TSN))

Best Supporting Actress: Mila Kunis (alt. Barbara Hershey and Dianne Wiest)